Thursday, June 7, 2007

Know Your Own Strength When Knitting Lace

When knitting lace, it's important to know your own strength. I recently completed my first lace project for ISE4, and I really liked the final result. Plus, Emma knit up the most fabulous scarf, in White Willow's Neopolitan yarn, and OMG I fell in love. If not for her I would have most likely not discovered Brooke's fabulous yarn, or even had the notion to knit lace. So Emma's pattern is Heartstring's Lacy Scarf II, and you can see a sample of the pattern here.

Here's what I've got so far, on the first repeat :

And a close up :

I copied the yarn right down to the colorway, its Neopolitan laceweight yarn from White Willow, knit on US5 Bamboo straight needles and those are 8/0 gold seed beads. I thought I was doing so well, and that this was seaming up to be a quick and easy project.

Then I forgot how strong I was. And how lace weight yarn isn't made of steel. I broke the yarn. Strongarmed it, is more like it. Sliding the beads down the yarn really is frustrating me, and I just snapped it like a twig in a hurricane. And I tied it back together, and of course the beads won't go over the knot. Is there an easier way???? Damn beads.

I don't even like the beads that much! I mean, I like them in the pattern, but the color, I could live without. But do you know how hard it is to find size 8/0 beads? 10/0 - billions of colors. Even 6/0 - billions. 8/0? Ten colors. It was so pathetic, this was just the best of the worst. Next time I'm sizing up to 6/0 and I don't care what the pattern says. I'm sure my mom would say that bigger beads have more pizazz. [She always claims I don't have enough pizazz, but I think she needs to cut back on her pizazz.] In fact I can almost guarantee that when I bring this little number over to show her, she'll comment on the size and/or color of the beads. It's almost a guarantee.

I was planning on posting pictures of my Tempting from Knitty, but damn that is the most boring knit of all time. Miles and miles of endless ribbing, so to amuse myself I have turned to learning to knit continental style, just to break up the monotony of the whole thing. I decided that will be my airplane project. Because if I can't handle beads on the couch, I definitely can't handle them in aisle seat 12C.

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