Monday, June 11, 2007

Let there be socks!

Like all good knitters, I have accumulated quite the stash of yarn. Elisabeth, my aunt who taught me how to knit in the first place, calls me a "one-skeiner." And it's true! I will buy one skein of just about anything. Maybe even two. And my collection of "one-skeins" and "two-skeins" of koigu is killing me. I cannot knit socks. Try though I might, I have failed repeatedly, each time buying more sock yarn as punishment and inspiration to learn to get it right. I know what I want : a toe-up sock (because my sewing skills are poor I can't mess with kitchener right now), and a short row heel so it looks like a sock you would buy in a store. And ankle socks are definitely my favorites. Because I am not known to be defeated by anything, here I go again.

Pattern : Pom-Squad by MagKnits
Yarn : 100% Superwash Merino Handpainted by Whorled Peace
Colorway : Jasmine
Needles : US1 Bamboo DPN's

Progress Shot : Please allow me to make a little promise to you now ... no half naked foot shots on this blog! Ever! Unless I knit pedicure socks... but that's another entry. As you can see, its coming along quite nicely and I'm really really happy with it!! I love this yarn, super soft and squishy and the colors are just gorgeous! Here is a colorway closeup : I'd say the colors are closest to the yarn cake picture, with more blue which just isn't shown well on this side of the ball.

And my excitement for the weekend? My yarn arrived from the Knittery in Australia!!!

Luscious, 100% merino laceweight in Moonlight Colorway. Destined for an Ene's Scarf? We shall see!!

I have some FO's to post... but I need to deliver a surprise gift before I can show off the goods ;)

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Toe up.


We had a fever all w/e....