Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sgt. ColePepper's Lonely Socks Club

It's done!! It's really done!!!

It's really a sock!!! My first good, functional sock knit to completion. And I love it. I danced around the house last night with one sock on until 4 am from sheer joy and excitement over finally defeating my sock demons!

And my goodness, check out the heel :

This heel was made possible by the best short row sock heel tutorial I have ever seen!!! I have tried countless times to knit a good heel, but this was the perfect tutorial for the heel challenged. Lots of pictures and good, useful descriptions. I loved it. And I love my sock.

So right now I am running around the house with one sock on [still] revelling in the joy that is sock knitting. Not to be underknit - I have cast on for its mate. It can't stay in Sgt. ColePepper's Lonely Socks Club forever. By the way, my greatest friend ever is the queen of nicknames - and she started calling me ColePepper. She is home knitting furiously right now to impress me when she comes back with her first ever scarf!! [yep, I taught her and she is cursing me for causing her continued unproductiveness]

She also owes me a photoshoot - I have FO's!!! :) Namely, a wicked sweater. Or two. Or three!!


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