Friday, July 13, 2007

Silent Lips, Busy Hands

I haven't had much to say recently - although not for lack of knitting! In fact, I've been knitting fast and furious finishing up for my Rowanette exchange. Throw in a weeklong business trip touring the west coast [San Francisco, Orange County, and finally, Seattle] I have had plenty of plane hours to make this happen. Sadly, I have no pictures to post at the moment because my travel laptop does not accept memory sticks. [boo]

On the upside, there was a fabulous Artfibers visit while in San Francisco!!! I purchased a large cone of Ming in Chocolate brown [pic asap]

I also had the good fortune of being four blocks from Hilltop Yarns in Bellevue, Washington, so I stopped in there as well... and scored my first skein ever of Fleece Artist [handmaiden?] sock yarn in what else? Chocolate brown.

There was a brief visit to the Ghirardelli factory as well for chocolate [are you seeing the pattern here?] for my mom, because she loves that 72% pure dark chocolate.

By the way, I don't love chocolate. But I do loooooove brown! I heart it! A lot! The fleece artist is headed for the stash basket but that Ming is too fabulous to wait on... any pattern ideas?

Speaking of needing pattern ideas... guess who got her Ravelry invitation while on the West Coast????

YAY Ravelry! And I thought Myspace was addicting... now I will really never, ever, get any work done. That's ok... I'll trade in my dental equipment for a life of knitting any day of the week :)

Upon return, I will post pictures of the finished second sock to my first pair ever, and give a surprise peek at my Rowanette exchange project that is already a day late. [so so so sorry:( ]

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Anonymous said...

SO JEALOUS!! You got a Ravelry invite before me!!!