Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm a bad blogger

I'm a bad blogger, and I've decided I'm ok with that. Perhaps I'd be better if not for Ravelry, which takes up most of my time with infinite distraction possibilities. Not that I'm complaining about that. Love the Rav. Just saying, I'd prolly be better at updating. ;)

So, the shop is in full swing. That means spinning at sweatshop speeds. And, I'll be making an appearance at a local fair doing spinning and selling yarn. Yep. The big time. You know what that means, right? I had to call in the feds. My tax ID number is on the way. EEK! I'm a real business owner now?!

Remarkably, there is still knitting going on. I know when I got the wheel I was pretty much ready to throw in my stash for the sake of fiber spinning, but thanks to The Yarn Snob, I was sucked back into it. Sucked in, and enveloped in a sea of Malabrigo Lace goodness that we can only call... Ene.

I did this Ene's Scarf in the most fun KAL ever, a transatlantic yarn snob Ene-a-thon. We laughed (wrong but lovely lace pattern), we cried (multiple cast ons, running out of yarn) and in the end, we blocked. We're happy. And we're taking applications for knitters to cast on for us to start again. Any takers? Only 375 stitches!! I've got some Smooshy that's crying out to be the Ene for the fall season.

So now I've got a Snezi Shrug on the sticks, from Sensual Knits. Everyone is right about this book. There are three things I wanted to cast on right away. Snezi, the Seeded Cables Cardigan, and the Loop Shawl. Seeded cables is next, to be done in some Classy (I mean Smooshy Worsted) I scored in a rav destash today. Cloud jungle. I'm hoping for slightly better wear than with the Malabrigo Polar Morn I originally intended.

Coming soon... Snezi pics. Cash Iroha. Yum.


YarnSnob said...

Me! Me! Me! I'm ready for Ene #2...bring it on!! Needles on the ready, st markers on the ready, yarn....(its coming malabrigo of course!) 375st.CO?...easy peasy :)I'm ready when you are!

I'm so glad we did this Ene together, the laughs, the cries the tanrums, but most important, the friendship we have delveloped from this KAL.
mwahh xx

Elizabeth said...

That is truly beautiful, I had to take a second look. Maybe now I have to actually buy that book!! Congrats on your new business!