Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's not you, its me.

My dearest cable cast-on,

I wanted to tell you that our years together have been wonderful, ever since we met during that fateful production of Iris (Rowan 35). I left my first love for you (backwards loop) and I never looked back. Not once have I strayed since we met. You have been nothing but good to me through it all - three wickeds, countless hats and scarves, even Ene's Scarf. But lately, I can sense some distance between us. I'm starting to realize that maybe you can't be everything to me. It might be time to see other cast-ons.

No, its not you. It's me. You see, I've been getting flack from my friends *yarnsnob* about being a one cast-on kind of girl. She helped me see there is a whole world out there, and maybe, just maybe, I could expand my horizons. I know, I know. I shouldn't let my friends influence me. But I couldn't help it. The temptation was too great. Tubular cast-on was calling my name... and it was just so... smooth. So stretchy, so... reversible.

I mean, check this guy out :

Tubular Cast On
Tubular Cast On

You can't blame me for wanting a piece of that!! I've heard about that long-tail cast-on too. You know what they say about cast-on's with long tails ;)

I hope I haven't hurt you... I'd still like us to be friends. I'm thinking scarves and shawls and you never know what else could come our way. The future could hold anything for us. But I don't want to hold you back. I want you to go out there and find that project that's perfect for you. And I know there are other knitters out there that would love a cast-on edge like yours.

You were always good to me. I'll never forget you.



YarnSnob said...

your post made me giggle this morning! Pls cable cast on, its not my fault, she will come back to you!!

That cast on is beautiful, so damn neat! I must try it, i must!! See there are plenty of cast on!! Explore!!

I love your arty photo's, was your bum in the air like mine always is when I take arty pics??? ;)

gilraen said...

Oh lickle fickle you!!! She is so pinning after you, can't you hear her crying??

Mind you what a lovely new 'pretty'!!! ;) :)

Nancy said...

Been there, done that. After years of doing a variant of the backwards loop cast-on,,, I am now a Long tail cast on lover,,, for the moment, lol.

Have fun with it!

belaybunny said...

LOL - have fun. I like the yarn very much ;)

thanks for your comment on my blog - I'm not sure I have time to sell any bags, but I don't mind making stuff for mates ;) I just need to find another pattern now, cos I'm getting a bit bored of this one!!!