Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm a whitey ford

Warning : the white hue of my skin may blind you. But this paleness is indicative of a few things.

1. Insane busyness with the gainful employment. WOW. Its true, even if you don't believe me ;)

2. Sick. Allergies are out of control and have spiraled into infections. Its ugly. And gross.

3. I've been in the house spinning and knitting!!!! YAY!

So what have I done with myself? How about a finished Snezi Shrug?

Pattern : Snezi Oversized Shrug, from Sensual Knits
Yarn : Noro Cash Iroha
Needle : Takumi Bamboo Circs 10.5 US

This needs a good shrink down. The silk content of the yarn is stretching it out a bit and its oversized to start with. I won't show you the back, because it looks like I'm wrapped in a burlap sack. But if you're on Rav, you can check it out for yourself ;)

And of course, there is spinning, a love with which I cannot be parted for long :

Soon I'm going to set up a gallery of customer knits! I can't believe what people have made with my handspun! If you have made something, please share :)


belaybunny said...

Oh, I love your new handspins!!! I hope I get that good ;) not yet though - LOL. and if you think you're pale, well you haven't seen me - it's been cold this winter in Wales and I don't get out much!!! Nice shrug too, is the yarn nice to use?

YarnSnob said...

...but pale is nice and interesting and you look like an angel, like there's a haze around you!! You don't wanna look like an orange do you?

Lovely trendy shrug and Im getting some of that yarn too.
Your handspuns are always beautiful.

gilraen said...

Pale is also very healthy looking!!

I am a fan of your handspun too! :)

gilraen said...

You have been tagged :)