Thursday, May 1, 2008

We have a winner!

I got so many fabulous responses and feedback to our contest!!! Thank you all so much for participating. It was a very hard decision, but Betty from Texas was the winner with the name of 'Lil Ewey'! There was another that I thought was pretty clever, and I want to give an honorable mention prize to Katie from South Carolina with 'Lulu von Lamby'! Please check your emails so you can pick your prizes!!! :)

I've been spinning my heart out this week, and the yarn is selling as fast as I can spin it! But not to worry, I've got a few pounds (!) of roving headed my way so you can expect some fun new yarns to pop in the shop as this week and next week go on.

Thanks to everyone for their support of me, and Sheknitigans. Please accept my sincere thanks with FREE SHIPPING on any order placed now through Sunday, May 4. Just put 'free shipping' in the notes and wait for a revised invoice :)


Unknown said...

I didn't win, but with free shipping...mmm yarn!

I feel like Betty & Wilma from the Flintstones....CHARGE IT! ;)

YarnSnob said...

bwwhhahahahha i didn't win either but congrats to the winners