Monday, June 9, 2008

Welcome summer!

Summer has finally hit here in NY. It's hot. Like, steamy, gross, pea soup when you walk out the door kind of hot. In case you need proof, its not in todays summer dress, the bikinis I donned all weekend while taking in the sun, or the hair that has seen better days.

Nope, it's in the iced nonfat caramel macchiato I got today. Yes, that is an inch of caramel on the bottom. Lets just say that Coley has quite the name for herself at starbucks ;) I truly prefer the hot version but when you feel like you are seconds from melting on the sidewalk, you do what your internal thermostat says.

Thank goodness for AC because its kept me spinning, although the yarn seems to take longer to dry in these conditions. I got some really cool BFL from Wildcraft UK, one that I navajo plied, and the other I spun as a worsted single... both of which, I adore :


Can you please have a looky at this custom spin?? Its a Poppy Flower Fibers colorway Apex... and OMG I didn't want to part with it!!!

I'd like to set up a gallery of items knit with my handspuns... so if you haven't already, will you please share your pics?? I've seen such lovely work and I'd love to share it with the world!

Off to the pool... I mean, back to work ;)

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goldfishgirl said...

Your yarns look lovely, and you have the honour of being my first customer to show pics of spun yarns! :) Love the navajo plied one, but the evening sky singles are especially gorgeous! Wish I could spin bulky singles as nicely at that, I'm still working at getting them to turn out evenly.