Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Knitting helps ease the pain

My hip is still bugging me. Which means, I'm still taking it easy on the spinning. The good news is, the knitting has been cranked up to warp speed!!!!!

Have you seen the new Brooklyn tweed pattern Turn A Square? First thing I thought... wow!!! Totally fun for handspun! And look, I was right!!!

Instant gratification! I used up the leftovers of my Noro Cash Iroha from my bolero, and some of my handspun, Sheknitigans Take a Hike, shown here in its pre-knitted glory :

This hat is the perfect answer to the question 'What can I do with a small skein of handspun?' because you literally need 50 yards or less! I'm going to use this for a shop sample for next months booth show and then its all MIIIIIIIINE. I hope. ;)

And I finished Ms. Marigold. I will talk about that later though.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Knitting? What's that?

It has taken me over a month to finally decide on a pattern for that Prince yarn. But I chose... Ms. Marigold. I assume that 80% or more of you have seen this before, but I think its just the perfect thing that I might actually wear. When I go to work (yes, the ten times a year I stroll into an office) I like to wear three pieces at all times. At least. So, that means... pants, shirt, cardigan/shawl/vest/sweater/2nd shirt/scarf/etc. This terrible NY habit of multi layers doesn't work so well in our California office, so I think a vest might be just the right balance. I started it on my latest flight to Cali, the third week of July. Here's what I've got now :

Stockinette Snoozefest. Although the shoulders and v-neck portion of the garment are rather ingeniously designed. You knit one side of the V, then the back, then the other side, then rejoin. Still seamless, which makes it all ok because I don't do sewing.

But the real excitement came in between the start of this project and the point of where I am at now... a real life yarn snob meet up! In the fabulous city of San Francisco!!! I got to meet up with the beautiful Artgurl (check her out on Rav!) for coffee, yarn shopping at Artfibers, and a special surprise that she planned just for me!!!!! And you'll never guess what it was... a trip to check out the art studio of a fiber artist! WOW WOW WOW!! I felt like the luckiest, most special person ever!! It was the best afternoon I could have imagined, laughing and shopping around like two gals that had been BFF's forever!! As if all this weren't enough, she brought me a gift of fiber from the studio, A Verb for Keeping Warm an AMAZING blue silk/merino that I'm dying to spin up into something yummy just for ME! I then ran around her studio grabbing everything I could, but hey, I do that around fiber ;) Kristine was totally awesome and if you're into unique fibers and yarns, I highly suggest you check her out. You won't see her fibers in my shop. These are keepers for me :)

And in the right fashion of my 'old lady' hobby, I put my hip out. I have no idea how, but I suspect it may be a combination of riding my bike on the highway and 5-6 hours of spinning a night. So I'm resting, which means more knitting time for now.
BTW, in case you haven't seen it, I finished a quick Lace Ribbed Bolero in Cash Iroha. You don't need 400 yds like that pattern says. I did it in 200 yds. I just felt like I was on 'name that pattern.' 'I can knit that pattern in 200 yds Bob.' 'Well, KNIT THAT PATTERN!' Two things on this pattern : do a reality check on the sizing. You really don't want it flopping all around like you're wearing a floppy pillowcase in the back. And, take it down a needle size. Voila! Happy Bolero.

I just want to thank everyone who has been giving me such wonderful photos of the knits you have been making with Sheknitigans Handspun!!! Seriously, I can't believe those are MY yarns! WOW! I'm going to try to get the gallery going soon, especially since I'm taking it easy on my hip. If this happens again, I'm going to try to get the hip upgraded to titanium. Nothing but the best ;) If you haven't done so already - sign up for my mailing list. You get a little coupon code and info before anyone else does. Good stuff :)