Sunday, October 12, 2008

Let's Talk about Knitting

So in the rest of a weary spinner, I bring you... knitting!

I do want to say however, that I am having a sale over at my shop to make room for me to spin again. Just saying. Sheknitigans Sale! Good time to start thinking about gift knits, and what better than some instant gratification knitting that just MIGHT look awesome in handspun?

Ok, shameless plug over.

My love of the moment... Sundara. I might get over this one too, someday. But the depth of her colors and the quality of the bases... and well, you always want what you can't have. But i'm a sucker. And not only did I get one Seasons subscription, I got two. Looooooove the deadly nightshade!

By the end of all the renegade trading, I should have 3-4 skeins. I'm thinking, a sweater? A cardigan?

Without a doubt though, my favorite base is the ASM. (Aran Silky Merino). And thanks to the kind heart of a sweet Raveler that I can now also call my friend, I was the recipient of a wonderful trade of Chocolate Chip Mint ASM. Which I quickly wound up and knit... a fitted shrug, for me.

This is the two-tone shrug from Fitted Knits, which I decided is far better in uni-tone that two-tone. Wearing this is like pure heaven. Soft, comfortable, warm but not hot... one of the few knits I made that I wear often.

There was even a bit left over from the two skeins... which became the Darkside Cowl!

This was such a fast and fun pattern. Mine's not very cowl-y, but I love it anyway. Droopy things bug me.

I figured out how to get better at this blogging thing, btw. Have something else far more unappealing looming over your head waiting to get done. Like expense reports. Talking about knitting can't be worse than doing that. ;)


Annie said...

Yes, little missy, you better get crackin' on those expense reports! All of your FO's are beautiful, though!!

gilraen said...

I adore your shrug!!! the others are nice too ;) :D

Jeanette said...

i didn't even know you had a blog. :)

i never get tired of seeing pictures of that shrug.